CSB GP-1245F1 12V 4.5Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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Lead Acid
3.60 x 2.80 x 3.90 in. (LxWxH)
3.7 lbs.
CSB Battery
1 Year


12 Volt 4.5Ah Battery

The CSB GP-1245F1 is a General Purpose series of battery designed for general use in hi-tech applications. This battery is perfect for alarm systems, ups systems, medical equipment, power systems and more. Compared to the competitors, CSB GP series uses a specialized formula to provide superior performance.

Main Applications

  • Security Systems
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Water Pumps
  • UPS power supply



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warningsign.jpgWARNING :

This Battery, Battery Posts, Terminals, and Related Accessories can expose you to chemicals including Lead, Lead Compounds and other chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and birth Defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov


1157, 1178400, 51106400, 1157-3, 12V4, 12V5, 6-DW-5, AJC-D4.5S, AJC-D4S, AJC-D5S, BAT-1250, BP4.5-12, BP-4-12, BP5-12, CP12-4.0, CP12-5.0, DG124, DG124.5, DV124S, EDS1242, ELK-1240, ELK-1250, FG20451, FP1240, FP1245, FP1250, HR5.5-12, NPX-25T, NPX-25TFR, PS-1242, PS-1250, SH4.5-12, SLA 5-12, VRLA1250 ...and more


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Access SLA1240
Access SLA1250
ACME Security System 602
ACME Security System AL6/12
ACME Security System ALTV248
ACME Security System BPS
ACME Security System EP1245
ACME Security System RB12V4
ACME Security System SDC602
ACME Security System TC1245
ADT Security Alarm 804302
ADT Security Alarm DSC PC1555
ADT Security Alarm Safewatch Pro 2000
ADT Security Alarm Safewatch Pro 3000
ADT Security Alarm Safewatch Pro 3000EN
ADT Security Alarm Security Manager 2000
ADT Security Alarm Security Manager 3000
ADT Security Alarm Vista 10SE
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Ansul Alarms A15604
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Bravo Bravo
Brooks Equipment BAT124
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Casil CA1240 Control
Casil CA1245
CSB GH1240
CSB GH1250
CSB GP1240
CSB GP1245
CSB GP1250
CyberPower Systems CPS375SL
Deltech PRM1500A
Digital Security BD 412
Digital Security PC2500
Digital Security Power432 - Option 1
Digital Security Power632 - Option 1
Digital Security Power832 - Option 1
Digital Security Power864 - Option 1
Digital Security Controls BD 412
Digital Security Controls Controls DSC Power832 (Options 1)
Digital Security Controls PC1616
Digital Security Controls PC1832
Digital Security Controls PC1864
Digital Security Controls PC2500
Digital Security Controls Power432 (Options 1)
Digital Security Controls Power632 (Options 1)
Digital Security Controls Power832 (Option 1)
Digital Security Controls Power832 (Options 1)
Digital Security Controls Power864 (Option 1)
Digital Security Controls Power864 (Options 1)
DSC Alarm System 832
DSC Alarm System BD4-12
DSC Alarm System DS415
DSC Alarm System DSC832
DSC Alarm System Exaltor E1250
DSC Alarm System PC2500
DSC Alarm System Power 832
DSC Alarm System PS1240
DSC Alarm System RB412
DSC Alarm System SB1240
DSC Alarm System Ultratech UT1240
Eagle Picher CF12V4
Edison Vista 10SE
E-E 24V 100W
Elk ELK-1240
Emergi-Lite 12-631
Emergi-Lite POWER 10
Emergi-Lite POWER 20
Enersys NP4-12FR
Enersys NP5-12
Exide PowerWare 1000K
Fenton Technologies PowerPal L280
Fenton Technologies PowerPal L660
Fire Lite BAT-1250
Fire Lite M12
Freedom 803
Freedom 804
GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-4 - 12v 5ah
GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-6 - 12v 5ah
GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8 - 12v 5ah
GE Security Alarm Caddx/NetworX NX-8E - 12v 5ah
Genesis NP4-12FR
Genesis NP5-12
GS Storage PE12V4.5F1
GS Storage PE12V5
Haze HZS12-5
Hitachi HP4-12
IBT BT4.5-12
IBT BT4-12
IBT BT5-12
Innovonics Alarm BAT602
Innovonics Alarm C2020
Interstate BSL1055
Interstate PC1240
Interstate SLA1311
iZip I130
iZip I135
iZip I150
Kung Long WP4.5-12
Kung Long WP4-12
Kung Long WP5-12
Leadman LU550
Leoch LP12-4.0
Leoch LP12-4.5
Leoch LP12-5.4
Leoch LP12-6.0
Leoch LPC12-5.6
Leoch LPX12-5.4
Locknetics SBP1255
MK Battery ES4-12
MK Battery ES5-12
Mongoose M 130
Mongoose M 150
Newmox Home Alarm Home Alarm
Notifier 4885
Notifier PE412
Panasonic LC-R12V4BP
Panasonic LC-R12V4BP1
Panasonic LC-RB124P
Para Systems Minuteman MBK300
Para Systems Minuteman Pro 200
Portalac PE12V5
Potter Electric BT-40
Potter Electric PFC-3002
Potter Electric PFC-3005
Power Patrol SLA1050
Power-Sonic PS-1250
Power-Sonic PS-1250-F1
Razor E100
Razor E125
Rhino SLA4-12
Rhino SLA5-12
Ritar RT1245
Ritar RT1250
Ritar RT1250B
Ritar RT1250BH
Ritar RT1255
Securitron 32
Securitron 62
Securitron 32F
Securitron 32S
Securitron 62F
Securitron 62G
Securitron 62GF
Securitron 62SF
Securitron B124
Securitron B244
Securitron BPS
Securitron BPS121
Securitron BPS1215
Securitron BPS123
Securitron BPS124.5
Securitron BPS126
Securitron BPS129
Securitron BPS241
Securitron BPS2410
Securitron BPS242
Securitron BPS243
Securitron BPS244
Securitron BPS246
Securitron CCS8
Securitron DK15
Securitron DK25
Securitron DPA12
Securitron DPA24
Securitron DT7
Securitron EXD1
Securitron EXD1F
Securitron M32
Securitron M32F
Securitron M32SS
Securitron M62
Securitron M62F
Securitron M62G
Securitron M62GF
Securitron M62SF
Securitron PB
Securitron PB2
Securitron PB2E
Securitron PB3
Securitron PB4
Securitron PSM
Securitron PSM12
Securitron PSM24
Securitron SP1
Securitron TM2
Securitron TSB3
Securitron XDT12
Securitron XDT24
Securitron XP1
Securitron XP1F
Security Zeus PC5-12XB
Silent Knight 680
Silent Knight 712
Silent Knight 5107
Silent Knight Enerjet
Silent Knight N5HR
Silent Knight N7HR
Silent Knight S121
Silent Knight S122
SL Weber PowerHouse 250
SL Weber PowerHouse 280T
SL Weber PowerHouse 320T
SL Weber PowerHouse 500
SL Weber PowerHouse 550
Technacell 80018
Technacell EP1240
Technacell EP1245
Technacell EP124526
Technacell M18
Technacell M18018
Tempest TR4-12
Tempest TR5-12
Tripp Lite 450VA
Tripp Lite BC Internet 280
Tripp Lite BC Personal 200
Tripp Lite BC Personal 280
Tripp Lite BC Personal 300
Tripp Lite CP 350
Union MX-12040
Union MX-12050
Unison DP600
Universal D5741
Universal UB1250
Upsonic PC Mate 25
Vision CP1250
Vision CP1250H
Yuasa NP4-12

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