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CSB GP-12260NB 12V 26Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

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MSRP: $119.99
You save $45.00


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18.63 LBS
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Warranty: 1 Year


Warranty: 1 Year


Specifications, Capacity, Chemistry, Dimensions, Weight,


Lead Acid
6.60 x 6.90 x 5.00 in. (LxWxH)
18.63 lbs.


12 Volt 26Ah Battery

The CSB GP-12260 NB is a General Purpose series of battery designed for general use in hi-tech applications. This battery is perfect for alarm systems, ups systems, medical equipment, power systems and more. Compared to the competitors, CSB GP series uses a specialized formula to provide superior performance.

Main Applications

  • Security Systems
  • Mobility Scooters
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Water Pumps
  • UPS power supply

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  • Genuine CSB: This is a genuine CSB Battery.
  • No Bait and Switch: We don't trick our customers by showing one battery and shipping you another.
  • Fully Charged and Ready to Go: Right out of the box, this battery is ready to use.
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warningsign.jpgWARNING :

This Battery, Battery Posts, Terminals, and Related Accessories can expose you to chemicals including Lead, Lead Compounds and other chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and birth Defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov



Part Numbers the GP-12260 Replaces:

BP26-12, BP28-12, BPL26-12, BPL28-12, CP12260, EP26-12, EP28-12, EVP26-12, LP12-26, NP24-12, NP24-12, PE12V24, UB12260, WKA12-26NB, WP26-12 …and more.


Access SLA12260B
Access SLA12260T
Access SLAA1224F
ADT Security Alarm 476630
ADT Security Alarm 4520624
Amigo Centra
Amigo Deluxe 350000
Amigo Escort 760000
Amigo eXcite 590000
Amigo PowerShopper
Amstron AP-12260NB
Amstron AP-12260R
Arrow International Balloon Pump K2000
Arrow International KAAT II Plus
Baxter Healthcare 98101 Strip Chart Recorder
BB Battery BC28-12FR
BB Battery BP26-12
BB Battery BP28-12
BB Battery BPL26-12
BB Battery BPL28-12
BB Battery EP26-12
BB Battery EP28-12
BB Battery EVP26-12
Bird Products Ventilator 15020
Bladez (B.Mobile) Ambassador DKS500
Bladez (B.Mobile) Executive DKS320
Bladez (B.Mobile) President DKS600
Casil CA12240
CSB EVX12260
CSB GH12260
CSB GP12240
CSB GP12240F
CSB GP12260
CSB GP2412
CSB GPL12260
Dane Technologies Levo Comfort II
Datex Transport Isolette - 217-3813-910
Douglas Guardian DBG1224
Douglas Guardian DBG1226NB
Douglas Guardian DG1224
Douglas Guardian DG1226NB
Douglas Guardian PS12260
Eagle Picher CFM12V25
Eaton Powerware 10-U-D5747
Eaton Powerware BAT-0301
Elk ELK-12250
Elk ELK-12260
Enersys 0765-2001
Enersys NP24-12FR
Enersys NP24-12T
EV Rider Gusto
Exide EP26-12
Freerider FR168-3P
Genesis NP24-12FR
Genesis NP24-12T
Global Yuasa ES2412
Global Yuasa ES24-12
GS Storage PE12-23
GS Storage PE12V24
GS Storage PE12V24A
GS Storage PE12V24AB1
Hawker Cyclon 12GA27
Haze HZS12-26F
IBT BT24-12
Interstate ABSL1146
Interstate BAT12260
Interstate BSL1146
Interstate PC12260NB
Interstate PC1260NB
Interstate SLA0047
Interstate SLA1145
Interstate SLA1146
Interstate SLA2500
Invacare Zoom HMV 400
Kontron Balloon Pump K2000
Kontron KAAT II Plus
Kung Long WP26-12
Leoch LP12-24
Leoch LP12-26
Leoch LP12-28
Leoch LP12-30
Leoch LPL12-24
Leoch LPL12-26
Leoch LPL12-28
MK Battery 12260SLDA
MK Battery 12260SLDY
MK Battery 12V24P
MK Battery ES26-12
MK Battery M12260 SLD M
Narco Isolette TI500
Panasonic LC-L1224P
Panasonic LC-L12V24P
Panasonic LC-L12V33P
Panasonic LC-R12V20P
Panasonic LC-R12V24P
Panasonic LC-S12V24P
Portalac PE12-23
Portalac PE12V24
Portalac PE12V24A
Potter Electric BT-260
Power Patrol SLA1145
Power Patrol SLA1146
Power-Sonic PS-12260
Power-Sonic PS-12260-NB
Powerware 10-U-D5747
Powerware BAT-0301
R&D 5392
R&D 5393
R&D 5394
R&D 5424
R&D 5648
Rhino SLA24-12
Ritar RT12240EV-T23
Ritar RT12260D
Ritar RT12260H
Sail 6-GFM-24
Siemens Isolette TI500
Sonnenschein 95615
Sonnenschein 153302001
Sonnenschein A212/20G
Sonnenschein A212/20G5
Sonnenschein A212/24G
Sonnenschein A212/24G5
Sonnenschein A512/24G
Sonnenschein A512/24G5
Sonnenschein A512/250G5
Sonnenschein A512/25G5
Sonnenschein A51225G
Sonnenschein CR1226
Sonnenschein S1224P2
Sonnenschein S1224P4
Technacell EP12240
Tempest TD24-12
Tempest TR23-12
Tempest TR24-12B
Tempest TR26-12C
Thuder Struck Motors ThunderStruck Motors
Union MX-12200
Union MX-12240
Union MX-122408
Union MX-12260
Union MX-72240
Union PW1224
Universal D5747
Universal UB12260
Universal Power Group UB12260
Volcano KB12240
Yuasa NP24-12
Yuasa NP24-12B
Yuasa NP24-12FR
Yuasa NP24-12T

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