Product Safety

Certification Promises Battery Safety & Top Quality 

Safety and Quality


Every day, we depend on batteries to power the tools, devices and machines of modern living. Whether it is your car, phone, computer, power tools and so on, a battery is often at work behind the scenes to keep you running at home and on the go.  A battery that's worn out or wasted can hold back your productivity, communication and connectivity. Feel confident with AtBatt's variety of certification marks and top-of-the-line quality that keeps your devices charged with a standard of safety and quality you can depend on.

Safety Certifications


Have you ever asked, "How do I know my battery is safe?" AtBatt carries only the top brands and highest quality batteries. Many of which that are UL, CE, CSA, ETL certified and independently tested. The certification marks on our products are assurance that they meet the rigorous standards for electrical safety and electromagnetic emissions. They pose no shock hazard (except as noted on the product or in the manual), and will not cause electromagnetic interference with other devices beyond a certain distance. You can purchase and use our products with confidence. 

No Quality Compromise

We will never sell a power product because it's the cheapest in price.  When you buy an aftermarket battery from AtBatt, you get a battery that meets or exceeds the OEM battery. If you bargain for cheap batteries, you get short life cycles and low-quality cells.

You may end up replacing cheap batteries more often, and the money you tried to save with a cheap battery ends up costing you more in replacements in the long run. You may not find the cheapest batteries at, but our batteries are the safest on the market and the benefits of quality and safety payout over the long run.

We Measure Success with Your Satisfaction

We back all our batteries with satisfaction guaranteed service. Our customer service representatives are here to help from our headquarters in Southern California. We have a vibrant online community, active Q&A forum on our site to serve customers, answer any questions about battery or charger safety, and ensure your purchase meets your expectations.

Our commitment to safety is what drives our community programs, fire safety workshops and smoke detector battery donation program. It's our commitment to safety that backs our industry leading service and consumer products, from batteries to power supplies to or chargers and cables that promise peace of mind.

For more information on certification symbols and descriptions, please visit our Electronics Safety Certification Comparison page.

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