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Amstron AP-12180NB 12V 18Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery (NB Terminal) - 2 Year Warranty


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MSRP: $57.99
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12.60 LBS
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2 Year Warranty


2 Year Warranty


Specifications, Capacity, Chemistry, Dimensions, Weight,


Lead Acid
7.13 x 3.03 x 6.57 in. (LxWxH)
12.6 lbs.


Amstron AP-12180NB Battery - 12V 18Ah NB Terminal
The Amstron AP-12180NB is a rechargeable 12 volt 18Ah sealed lead-acid battery. Amstron SLA batteries are valve-regulated (VRLA), AGM, maintenance-free batteries, making them ideal replacements for your OEM SLA battery. We assure you that this battery is 100% compatible and will meet or exceed the performance of your original battery.

General Purpose, UPS Backup, Electric Power Systems, Emergency backup power supply, Emergency lighting, Railway signal, Aircraft signal, Communication power supply, Electrical equipment.

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Compatible Battery Part Numbers:
104831, 12-582, 12896, 12C16A-3B, 12CE18, 12GA18, 12N16AH, 12N20AH, 12N20AH-BS, 296040001, 41542, 47004, 518-014-015 Varta, 51814, 519-013-017 Varta, 51913, 520-015-018 Varta, 6-DZM-20, 6-FM-18, 6-FM-20, 61.21-1 243 305, 61.21-1 243 689, 61.21-1 244 323, 61.21-1 244 324, 61.21-1 353 824, 61.21-1 459 014, 61.21-1 459 245, 61.21-2 306 125, 61.21-2 306 626, 61.21-2 346 800, 61211243305, 61211243689, 61211244323, 61211244324, 61211353824, 61211459014, 61211459245, 61212306125, 61212306626, 61212346800, 6DW17, 6DZM17, 6DZM20, 6FM17, 6FMH18, 91-218, 971255100, A21215G, AP-12180NB-H, AS36012V3, BAT-0058, BAT-LIQ1000, BAT0373, BATDG12-18NB, BATLIQ1000, BP15-12, BP17-12, BSL1115, BSL1116, BSL1117, BSL116, BU12180, CA12170, CA12180, CF12V18, CFM12V18, CP12170, CP18-12, CP72780, D5745, DG12-18, DG1217NB, DJW12-18, DJW1220, DMU12-20, DMU12120, ES17-12, ES18-12, ES1812, ES2500, EVA12-18NB, FM12170, GH12170, GP12170, GP12200, GPL12180, GT090SR, HEPNPX80, HR2212, JC12150, JC12170, LC-RC1217P, LC-X1220AP, LCPD1217P, LCR-12V17P, LCR12V17BP, LCR12V17CP, LCRC1217P, LCRD1217P, LCX-1220AP, LCX1220AP, LCX1220P, LP12-18, LP12-18-T3, NP-18-12/D, NP17-12, NP18-12, NP18-12B, PC12180, PE12V15, PE12V17B1, PE12V18B1, PK12180NB, PS-12180, PS-12180-NB, PS-12200NB, PX12170, QP17-12, QP17-12A, SLA-17-12, SLA0156, SLA1117, SLA1119, SLA2608, SP12-18HR-NB, TP12-17, TP12-18, UB12180, WP17-12, WP18-12, WP20-12, WPX17-12, WPX18-12, YG12-18, YG51913, YS12-18


Access SLA1115
Access SLA12170
Access SLA12180
Amstron AP-12180NB
Amstron AP-12180R
APC AP1250
APC AP1400
APC BackUPS 1250
APC SmartUPS 2000
APC SmartUPS 2200
Arrow International KAAT I Plus
BB Battery BP15-12
BB Battery BP17-12
BB Battery BP18-12
BB Battery BPL17-12
BB Battery EP17-12
BB Battery EVP20-12
Best Technologies BA-39
Best Technologies LI-1020VA B
Best Technologies Micro-FERRUPS FE1.4KVA
Casil CA12170
Casil CA12180
Dantona LEAD1217 PANA
Dantona LEAD1218
Data Shield AT800 (new)
Data Shield ST675
Data Shield Turbo 2+
Data Shield Turbo XT300
Data Shield Turbo XT350
Datascope 14600003401
Datascope 90L TransPort Balloon Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope 90T
Datascope 90T Balloon Pump
Datascope 90T Intra Aorta
Datascope 90T TransPort Balloon Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope 95 Balloon Pump
Datascope 95 System Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope 95 TransPort Balloon Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope 95T TransPort Balloon Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope 97 TransPort Balloon Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope CS100 Balloon Pump
Datascope CS300 Balloon Pump
Datascope Intra Aorta 90T
Datascope Intra-Aorta Balloon Pump 90T
Datascope Intra-Aorta Pump System 100
Datascope Intra-Aorta Pump System 95
Datascope Intra-Aorta Pump System 97
Datascope Intra-Aorta Pump System 97E
Datascope Intra-Aorta Pump System 98
Datascope PS12150
Datascope PS12180NB
Datascope System 95 Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope TransPort Balloon 90L Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope TransPort Balloon 90T Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope TransPort Balloon 95 Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope TransPort Balloon 95T Intra Aorta Pump
Datascope TransPort Balloon 97 Intra Aorta Pump
Datex Oxy Power System 1000 - Auxiliary
Deka ETX18L
Deltech PowerRite 1500A
Douglas Guardian DBG1218NB
Douglas Guardian DBG12-18NB
Douglas Guardian DG1218NB
Douglas Guardian DG12-18NB
Douglas Guardian PS12170
Dual Lite 12896
Dual Lite 120896
Dual Lite 012-896
Dual Lite 12-582
Dual Lite Dual-Lite-12-896
Dynatech SPF-550-2
Dynatech SPF-560-2
Eagle Picher CFM12V18
Eaton Powerware 153302033
Eaton Powerware 153302084-001
Eaton Powerware BAT-0058
Eaton Powerware BAT-0373
Eaton Powerware BAT-0408
Elgar IPS1100
Elgar IPS550
Elgar SPF1000
Elgar SPF550-2
Elgar SPS1000
Elgar SPS1100
Elk ELK-12170
Elk ELK-12180
Enersys EPG12V16AH10E
Enersys NP18-12
Enersys NP18-12BFR
Exide EP17-12
Ferno-ille 125 Lift Chair
Ferno-ille 128 Lift Chair
Ferno-ille 129 Lift Chair
Ferno-ille Lift Chair 125
GE Medical AMX110
GE Medical AMX110 CMX
GE Medical AMX110 II
GE Medical AMX110 III
Genesis NP18-12
Genesis NP18-12BFR
Global Yuasa ES1512
Global Yuasa ES15-12
Global Yuasa ES18-12
GS Storage PE12V15
GS Storage PE12V17
GS Storage PE12V18B1
Hawker Cyclon 12GA18
Hawker Cyclon 12GAX65
Haze HZB12-18
Haze HZS12-15F
Hitachi HP15-12
Hubbell 12-896
IBT BT18-12
IBT BT20-12
Interstate ABSL1115
Interstate ABSL1116
Interstate BSL1115
Interstate BSL1116
Interstate PB500
Interstate PC12180F
Interstate PC12180NB
Interstate SLA1113
Interstate SLA1115
Interstate SLA1116
Interstate SLA1117
Interstate SLA1118
Interstate SLA1332
Interstate SLA2608
Interstate SLA2615
Jolt SA12180
Kontron KAAT I Plus
Kontron KAAT II Plus
Kung Long WP17-12I
Kung Long WP18-12
Kung Long WP20-12
Kung Long WP22-12
Kung Long WP22-12N
Kung Long WP22-12RN
Leoch LP12-15
Leoch LP12-18
Leoch LP12-20
Leoch LPL12-18
Leoch LPS12-18
Leoch LPS12-20
Leoch LPX12-20
Light Alarms CE1-5CB
Light Alarms CE1-5CK
Mansfield 3000 Intra Aorta Balloon Pump
MK Battery 1712SLD
MK Battery 970421B
MK Battery ES17-12
MK Battery ES17-12 (Old)
MK Battery M17-12 SLD M
Narco Dura Ventilator - External
Narco Evita - External
Narco MRI
Narco Narkomed Anesthesia 2C
Narco Savina XL - External
National Power GT090S3
National Power GT090SR
Ohio Medical Products 1000 OXY Power System Auxiliary
Ohio Medical Products OXY Power System 1000 Auxiliary
Panasonic LC-L12V20P
Panasonic LC-PD1217P
Panasonic LC-R12C17CP
Panasonic LC-R12V15P
Panasonic LC-R12V17AB
Panasonic LC-R12V17BP
Panasonic LC-R12V17CP
Panasonic LC-R12V17P
Panasonic LC-RC1217AP
Panasonic LC-RC1217P
Panasonic LC-RD1217AP
Panasonic LC-RD1217P
Panasonic LC-RD121D
Panasonic LC-RD121DAP
Panasonic LC-X1220AP
Panasonic LC-X1220P
Panasonic PC24180NB
Panasonic PS24180NB
Para Systems Minuteman 1600
Philips PMX X-Ray
Portalac PE12V15
Portalac PE12V17
Power Patrol SLA1116
Power-Sonic PS-12180
Power-Sonic PS-12180-NB
Powerware 153302033
Powerware 153302084-001
Powerware BAT-0058
Powerware BAT-0373
Powerware BAT-0408
Prescolite 12-896
R&D 5391
Rhino SLA17-12
Safe SPS1000
Sail 6-GFM-17A
Sail 6-GFM-17B
Sail 6-GFM-17C
Sail 6-GFM-18A
Sail 6-GFM-18B
Sail 6-GFM-18C
Sail 6-GFM-18D
Sail 6-GFM-22B
Siemens Dura Ventilator - External
Siemens Evita - External
Siemens MRI
Siemens Savina XL - External
Sonnenschein 95555
Sonnenschein 889556500
Sonnenschein A212/12
Sonnenschein A212/15G
Sonnenschein A212/15G5
Sonnenschein A412/12 SR
Sonnenschein A512/160SR
Sonnenschein A512/16G5
Sonnenschein A512/16SR
Sonnenschein A51216G5
Sonnenschein A51217.0G5
Sonnenschein CR1218
Sonnenschein DF25
Sonnenschein NGA5120016HSOBA
Sure-Lites 26-11
Tempest TR17-12
Tempest TR18-12
Tempest TR20-12
Tempest TR22-12
Union MX-12170
Union MX-12180
Union PW1217
Unisys UP-914
Universal 40696
Universal D5745
Universal UB12180
Universal UB12220
Vision CP12150
Vision CP12170
Vision CP12170H
Vision CP12170HX
Vision CP12170X
Vision CP12200
Volcano KB12170



warningsign.jpgWARNING :

This Battery, Battery Posts, Terminals, and Related Accessories can expose you to chemicals including Lead, Lead Compounds and other chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause Cancer and birth Defects or other reproductive harm. Wash hands after handling. For more information go to: www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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