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Shoprider Wheelchair Models:
6Runner 10     6Runner 10 Deluxe     6Runner 14     6Runner 14 (55 Ah)     6Runner 14 (75 Ah)    
Aristocrat     Cooper     Cutie L     Dasher 3     Dasher 4    
Dasher 9     EZ Chopper     Flagship     Flagship (75 Ah)     FPC Folding Power Chair    
GolfRider     HD     Jetstream L     Jetstream L (40Ah)     Jetstream M    
Jetstream M (40Ah)     Jimmie     Regal Spirit     Scootie     Scootie Jr.    
Sovereign     Sprinter 2 Seater     Sprinter 4x4     Sprinter Jumbo XL     Sprinter XL3 Deluxe    
Sprinter XL4     Sprinter XL4 (40Ah)     Sprinter XL4 Deluxe     Start     Start 8    
Streamer - 888WB     Streamer - 888WNLB     Streamer - 888WS     Streamer - 888WSB     Streamer - 888WSB (40Ah)    
Streamer Sport     Streamer Sport Rehab     Sunrunner 3     Sunrunner 3 Deluxe     Sunrunner 4    
Sunrunner 4 Deluxe     Sunrunner S     Trooper     WIZZ     XtraLite 3    
XtraLite 4     XtraLite Jiffy