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Lead acid chemistry is one of the most widely used and the oldest rechargeable battery technology in the world. Lead acid batteries are typically found in automobiles, boats, RVs, motorcycles, solar applications, uninterruptible power supplies, alarm systems, telecommunication and much more. Lead acid batteries are available as conventional wet cell, dry-charged, sealed valve-regulated with absorbed glass mat (dry cell) for spill-proof usage, deep cycle, high rate and gel. They are available in 2, 4, 6, 8 and 12 volts with capacities up to 250Ah. We offer and stock premium brands such as Amstron, BB Battery, CSB battery, Kung Long, Genesis Datasafe, Interstate, Odyssey, Optima, Power-Sonic, Trojan, US Battery and more. Please call us for assistance or if you need a volume discount.


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