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UPG UB12500 12V 50Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery w/ NB Terminal

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UPG 12V / 50Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery w/ NB Terminal

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Pride Mobility, Victory 9 Electric Scooter Battery Replacement Review by Scooter Guy

After much research to insure they would fit the built in battery tray of my Pride Victory 9 Electric Scooter, I replaced the stock OEM UB12350-35aH batteries with these larger sized and capacity UB12500-50 aH beasts. Fit wise, they look like they were made for this scooter battery tray, nice fit.

Connector wise, battery post are the same, just swap harness, and your ready to roll. Only difference being, the smaller 12350 comes with plastic handle straps, whereas the 12500 do not. (Compare images to describe). Performance wise, you won't go faster, but with the larger capacity (2x50aH vs 2x35aH), you will go twice as far without recharging.

Important notes:

(1.) Whereas airlines (I like SouthWest) require the removal of batteries during flight, the AGM (sealed type) batteries can remain mounted in the scooter. No removal and in-cabin storage required.

(2.) The $70. UPG, UB12350-35aH battery is the exact same battery, Pride Mobility rebrands and charges $269. per each for.

(3.) The larger UPG, UB12500-50aH, is a perfect fit in my Pride Victory 9 electric scooter, and yes it will last twice as long as the smaller 35aH OEM.

(4.) Best to mount the OEM battery charger inside the front basket. Always available for charging no matter where you are, should the need arise.

(5.) If your poor and need to save a few pennies, the UPG, UB12350-35aH are a good OEM replacement, but if your worth the couple extra dollars, get the bigger, UPG, UB12500-50aH for replacement, you'll be happy you upgraded.
Happy motoring. june2015

(Posted on 6/29/15)

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