How to Replace the RBC7 or RBC11 Battery for an APC Back-UPS System

With the right tools and knowledge, replacing the battery for an APC UPS Backup can be easy as pie. Just follow the steps below and you'll have it done and ready to go in no time at all!

What You Will Need

1) Replacement Back-UPS Battery
2) Phillips Head Screw Driver

Steps with Video

1) Open up the front cover and set it aside. 
2) Remove the metal plate by first unscrewing the screws that hold it in place. Remove the metal plate and set it to the side along with the screws.
3) Gently slide out the old battery just far enough that it allows you to disconnect the power cable. After disconnecting the cable, place the battery to the side for proper disposal at your local hazardous materials recycling center.
4) Now, connect the AUP-11, or APC Replacement battery cable to the Back-UPS unit before sliding it in.
5) Once the battery is connected, you can slide the battery all the way in. Be very careful not to damage the cable while doing this. It is a tight fit.
6) Reinstall the metal plate, securing it with the screws you removed in Step 2. Snap the front cover back into place.

Video: APC Replacement Battery Cartridge #7 / RBC7, RBC11 by

Simple enough, right? Next time you need to replace RBC7 battery on an APC UPS Backup, just arm yourself with the right tools, parts, and knowledge. All it takes is the easy steps listed above.