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$50,000 Equipment Protection Plan From AT Battery Company

Laptop Battery Protection Our $50,000 Equipment Protection Plan automatically covers you up to $50,000 from any damage to your device on batteries and/or chargers purchased from AtBatt.com. This Equipment Protection Plan is free and is valid for the duration of your AtBatt.com warranty period. Only the batteries and chargers that are marked with a Protection Plan Icon on our website are covered.

This Equipment Protection Plan only covers your device and the related battery and/or charger purchased from AtBatt.com only. This policy is valid only in the 50 U.S. states and is not transferable. No other devices, persons, or property outside of the affected device and battery and/or charger is covered by this policy. This policy does not cover damages caused by abuse, misuse, negligence, improper installation, unauthorized modification or repair, weather, or any other causes beyond the normal operating range of the device and battery and/or charger.

AT Battery Company reserves the sole right to determine if your device was damaged by our battery and/or charger and will require the customer to submit to us the affected device and battery and/or charger for inspection and testing. AT Battery Company will then determine if your device was in fact damaged by our product and will take the following corrective measures: (A) AT Battery Company will pay for repairs to your device and our battery and/or charger. If repair is not a feasible option, AT Battery Company will (B) reimburse you for the fair market value of your device in an amount not exceeding $50,000 and refund you the purchase price of the battery and/or charger.

Our $50,000 Equipment Protection Plan is an added warranty from AtBatt.com and our policy does not limit, void, or otherwise infringe on any manufacturer or extended warranty of the device.