Power Inverters DC to AC

Want the comforts of your home in your boat, truck, or RV? Do you want to check your emails, listen to music, watch a DVD, and microwave food anywhere your road may take you? Power inverters and battery chargers supplied by AtBatt.com provide clean, quiet AC power so you don't have to constantly rely on AC power or a noisy and gas generator. We offer power inverters from the top brands such as Xantrex (formerly StatPower), Jensen, Sima and Tripp Lite. These power inverters today are smaller, lighter, smaller, quieter and more powerful.

How DC to AC Power Inverters Work

Typically, power inverters wire into the vehicle’s existing 12 volt electrical system. By connecting directly to the battery bank, inverter or chargers can either draw power or recharge batteries as needed. The length of time an inverter or charger can supply AC power depends on the size of the battery bank and the number of appliance or devices drawing power.

When incoming AC power is disconnected, the inverter/charger inverts power from the battery banks to provide power to connected appliances or electronic devices. This means the power inverter draws 12-volt DC power from the battery banks and inverts it into 120-volt AC. An internal transfer switch senses whether shore or AC power is present, allowing the unit to instantly switch from charge mode to invert mode when power is disconnected.