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PDA Batteries: Keep Organized

We offer a variety of PDA batteries. We have developed a PDA Battery Finder that will help guide you in choosing the correct battery for your PDA. Your first step is to choose your model from the list below.
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Lithium Replacement for Dell W1359 (Extra) Battery - Fits AXIM X3 Lithium Replacement for Dell W1359 (Extra) Battery - Fits AXIM X3
  • SKU:PDE-11
  • BRAND: Amstron
SRP: $39.99
    3.7 V
    7 Whr
    In Stock
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • $11.69

    PDA Battery Articles and Tips

    How do I extend my PDA�s battery life?

    Turn off the backlight when you do not need it. Use a timer to turn it off automatically. Lower the volume for your sounds. Turn off sounds you do not need like key clicks and screen taps. Use shorter sounds when possible for notifications of events. Turn your contrast to the minimum readable display. The darker the contrast, the more power required. Remove any PC Card or Compact Flash that is not in use. Insert them only when needed. Reduce the amount of time before your PDA/Handheld PC goes to sleep. Minimize your use of IrDA (infrared) or Serial communications. Both of these require more power.

    How do I perform a PDA battery test?

    To perform a battery test, follow these steps:

    1. Turn off any hibernation settings.
    2. Set the backlight to 50%.
    3. If the device has a movie player, use it to play a movie clip repeatedly. If the device does not have a movie player, turn on the function that uses the most battery, such as the photo gallery or a word processing program.
    4. Note the time you started the device, and then let it run until it goes dead. This could take several hours, so check on it occasionally.

    Perform this test when you first get your PDA or when you replace the battery with a new one to find your baseline runtime. You can then repeat the test when you think the battery's life is nearing an end or not charging as it should be to compare. If your test shows you have 50% or less runtime, it is time to replace you battery. You can also test your battery's ability to charge by letting the battery fully discharge and then timing the recharging cycle. Note the time, then check later to see if your battery is taking longer to charge than it used to. A longer charge time is often a sign that the battery is nearing the end of its usable life.

    What is your warranty period for your PDA batteries?

    All of our OEM and Aftermarket PDA batteries come with a 1 year warranty from purchase date. Proof of original purchase date is required. This warranty does not cover batteries that have been improperly installed, maintained, or repaired, or batteries that have been subject to misuse, abuse, accident, physical damage, abnormal operation, abnormal handling, neglect, exposure to fire, water or excessive changes in climate or temperature, or batteries with warranty stickers or product serial numbers that have been removed, altered, or rendered illegible.


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