Odyssey PC545MJ Dry Cell AGM Battery

Odyssey PC545MJ Dry Cell AGM Battery

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Odyssey PC545MJ


Odyssey PC545 battery is a deep cycle drycell AGM battery for motorcycles. Designed to deliver 545 Cranking Amps and 185 Cold Cranking Amps, PC545 is a "true" deep cycle high cranking battery. Odyssey batteries use pure lead in its construction, allowing the battery to put out tremendous cranking power while having the ability to completely discharge and recharge over 400 times. In addition, pure lead plates are resistant to sulfation and corrosion - the number one cause of battery failure.


  • 545 CA for 5 seconds
  • 495 CA for 10 seconds
  • 420 CA for 20 seconds
  • Short circuit current over 1200A
  • Voltage: 12 volt
  • Capacity: 14.8Ah
  • 18-minute reserve capacity with 25amp load
  • Female Brass Terminal with M6 SS Bolt
  • Metal Jacket
  • Rugged Drycell sealed design
  • Military grade
  • Vibration resistant
  • 60% more starting power
  • Deep discharge reserve power
  • 2 year storage life
  • 8-12 year design life
  • Can be mounted in any orientation

    Compatible with
    MotorcycleBuell1200S1 Lightning96-992
    MotorcycleBuell1200S2, S2T, RR1200, RS1200ALL 
    MotorcycleBuell1200X1, S3, S3T, M2ALL 
    MotorcycleHarley Davidson1340FLST Series91-993
    MotorcycleHarley Davidson1340FXST Series91-963
    MotorcycleHarley Davidson1450FXST, FLST00-06 
    MotorcycleHarley Davidson1570FXST, FLST (Softail)07-083
    MotorcycleKawasaki1000KZ 1000-P Police82-03 & 05

    Note:*1 Battery installation requires rerouting of battery cables
    *2 Requires shim pad in lower battery tray
    *3 PC545 is 15/16 inch lower in height then OEM battery
  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Product N/A
    Weight 12.6000
    Warranty 2 Year
    Application N/A
    Connector N/A
    BCI Group Size N/A
    Voltage 12
    Chemistry Lead Acid
    Capacity 13Ah
    Capacity Range 10 Ah - 15 Ah
    Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 185
    Length 7
    Width 3.37
    Height 5.17
    Hazmat N/A

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