Odyssey PC1200LMJT Dry Cell AGM Battery

Odyssey PC1200LMJT Dry Cell AGM Battery

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Odyssey PC1200LMJT Battery


Odyssey PC1200LMJT is a deep cycle drycell AGM battery designed to deliver 1200CA (Cranking Amps) and 550CCA (Cold Cranking Amps). With a 42 Ah in capacity, PC120L0MJT is a "true" deep cycle high cranking battery. Odyssey batteries use pure lead in its construction, thus giving it a superior design above all other batteries. This allows the battery to put out tremendous cranking power while having the ability to completely discharge and recharge over 400 times. In addition, pure lead plates are resistant to sulfation and corrosion - the number one cause of battery failure.


  • 1200CA for 5 seconds
  • 1090CA for 10 seconds
  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Product N/A
    Weight 38.2000
    Warranty 2 Year
    Application N/A
    Connector N/A
    BCI Group Size N/A
    Voltage 12
    Chemistry Lead Acid
    Capacity 42Ah
    Capacity Range 40 Ah - 54 Ah
    Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) 550
    Length 7.87
    Width 6.66
    Height 7.55
    Hazmat N/A

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