Types of Motorcycle Batteries

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Your motorcycle’s performance is largely related to the battery it’s running on, so understanding how to properly maintain it is paramount. In order to do this, you first need to know just what types of motorcycle batteries exist, as well as what the differences are between them.

There are three main types of motorcycle batteries: Conventional, Maintenance Free, and Maintenance Free Dry Charge. Each is built differently with certain unique advantages and each is to be maintained in its own way.

Conventional Motorcycle Battery Conventional Motorcycle Batteries- Conventional batteries are typically the least expensive of the group. However, there is a reason for that. These batteries require more attention than the others in the way of careful and constant maintenance. Due to the high operating temperature and the process of electrolysis and evaporation, they require regularly adding water and battery acid (electrolyte). Conventional batteries also discharge faster than maintenance free and maintenance free dry charge batteries.
Maintenance Free Motorcycle Batteries- The name pretty much says it all. Maintenance Free motorcycle batteries are just that- maintenance free. Whereas conventional batteries require constant care and adding water, maintenance free batteries are perfectly sealed so the acid can't escape. While the initial cost of maintenance free batteries is typically higher than that of conventional batteries, you will be saving yourself a lot of time and effort by using them. dry charge motorocycle battery
AGM motorcycle battery Maintenance Free Dry Charge Motorcycle Batteries- Think of Maintenance Free Dry Charge batteries as a cousin to Maintenance Free batteries. The main difference here is that they require you to add battery acid before they can be used. Once the acid is filled, however, these batteries are completely maintenance free and spill-proof.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) - This type of battery has significant advantages over conventional lead based batteries. They offer superior thermal and chemical stability, rendering the battery virtually incombustible. They also provide up to a 2000 cycle life, longer shelf life and virtually maintenance-free operation with a typical service life of 5 Years.

LiFe Battery
Gel Motorcycle Battery Gel Maintenance Free - Gel Batteries offer advantages of conventional motorcycle batteries.  Batteries with gel electrolyte are more vibration-resistant than other types of batteries, more environment-friendsly by eliminating spills and corrosion.  They have excellent performance, long shelf life and an extended life span. The life span of gel battreis under 50C (122F) is double compared to wet cell batteries.