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Motocross YB14L-A2 14Ah Conventional PowerSports Battery

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Motocross YB14L-A2 14Ah Conventional PowerSports Battery

Motocross YB14L-A2 14Ah Conventional PowerSports Battery

  • SKU: MB14L-A2
  • Brand: Motocross
  • Our Price: $37.68

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ChemistryConventional (Wet Cell)
Rating Whr168
Warranty6 Months Free Replacement

Quick Overview

Motocross YB14L-A2
Motocross YB14L-A2 is a high-performance conventional battery with polyethylene glass mat separator. It utilizes top lead alloy that contains calcium alloy for increased weld strength and severe vibration resistance.

  • Voltage: 12 volt
  • Capacity: 14Ah
  • Cast Grid: severe vibration resistance & improved conductivity
  • Active Material: reduced shedding, maximum utilization and long service life
  • Pasted Plates: Ensures vibration resistance through precise compression and proper service life
  • Top Lead Connections: shorter current path for increased electrical conductivity and higher starting currents
  • Case-Cover Seal: prevents air ingress & acid seepage
  • Terminal-Cover Seal: Patented Poly-Seal to eliminate acid seepage, reduces corrosion and extends battery life
  • Case & Cover: superior resistance to gasoline and oil, impact resistant in extreme weather conditions
  • Additive: sulfate stop to reduce the solubility of lead into acid which then reduces battery sulfation
  • Separator: Polyethylene with glass mat sheet bonded for compression to withstand severe vibration conditions
  • Made in USA

  • Acid Pack Not Included: Ships without acid. Acid packs may be purchased at most large auto parts stores. Must be filled and charged prior to use.
    ChemistryConventional (Wet Cell)
    Rating whr168
    Length5.31 inches
    Width3.5 inches
    Height6.56 inches
    Weight7.60 lbs
    Warranty6 Months Free Replacement
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