How To Test a Laptop Adapter

AdapterWhile the majority of us typically trust that the laptop adapters for our laptops are functioning properly, that’s just not always the case. Laptop adapter, otherwise known as AC adapters or power bricks, converts Alternating Current (AC) into Direct Current (DC) which your computer can then use as a power source. They are an absolutely vital piece of your laptop. If they’re not functioning properly, neither will your laptop.

So how do you know if your laptop adapter is working the way it should be? First and foremost, most laptop adapters have an LED light that illuminates when power is available. They’re not always 100% though, so sometimes it’s good to run a test and make sure your adapter is working like it should be.

Testing laptop adapters is actually easier than you think. Below we have the very simple steps you need to take to ensure your laptop is receiving the power that it needs.

You will need Volt Meter or Multi Meter to test your laptop adapter.

Step One
Plug   Plug the adapter into the outlet. Make sure everything is plugged in securely and properly.
Step Two
Turn your laptop adapter over and locate the voltage output. Voltage ratings are typically found on the bottom of the laptop adapter.   Amstron Adapter
Step Three
Volt Meter   Grab the Volt / Multi Meter and insert the red wire into the slot marked with a + sign (positive). Plug the black wire into the slot marked with a – sign (negative). Make sure to plug the ends in without the plastic handles.
Step Four
Set the Volt / Multi Meter to DCV (Direct Current Voltage). Make sure it’s set to a number higher than the voltage listed on the adapter. Usually you will set the Volt / Multi meter to the number 50.   Volt Meter 2
Step Five
Adapter Tip   Place the tip of the red conductor inside the adapter and the tip of the black conductor on the outside edge of the adapter.
Step Six
To know if the correct amount of power is being supplied, look at the needle reading. It should land on the voltage marking near the voltage listed on the back of the adapter. If it doesn’t, it may be time to purchase a new one.   Voltage

The A/C adapter is a crucial piece of your laptop. Be sure to test it every now and again to make sure your laptop is getting the power that it needs.