Laptop Battery: Resources

Purchasing a battery is easy; prolonging its life takes a little effort. That is where we step in, to guide you through the purchasing process and aftercare. Below we have mapped out the different laptop battery resources made by We have carefully put together how to guides, informational articles and product details from some of the most common questions we get or even questions we’ve had ourselves. If you have trouble finding the answers to your questions or have a suggestion for another how to article, feel free to contact our Customer Service department.

Anatomy of Laptop Batteries
Battery Cells Laptop batteries look plain and solid from the outside. They come in all shapes and sizes, but for the most part they all look the same inside. For an extensive article about the insides of a laptop battery, please read our article "Anatomy of Laptop Batteries"... Read More
Laptop Battery Buyer's Guide
Aside from the fact that most laptop models will use their own specific battery, there are also many different standard and extended battery replacement options. Browse over our "Laptop Battery Buyer's Guide" for help on finding the right battery for you... Read More AtBatt Battery
How to Find Your Laptop's Brand and Model
Laptop Model We know that it can be sometimes difficult to find your laptop's model number, or even its brand. If you're not sure what your laptop's model number is, don't try to order its battery just yet. Read our article "How to Find Your Laptop's Brand and Model"... Read More
How to Get More Run Time
Have you ever wondered why it is that the battery life on your laptop seems to vary each time you use it? Learn more about how to preserve your precious battery power by reading our "How to Get More Run Time" article... Read More Run Time
Laptop Battery Ratings
Battery Rating For those who are unfamiliar with the terminology that accompanies laptop batteries, making the correct portable power decisions becomes that much more difficult. Surf this article on “Laptop Battery Ratings” for commonly used laptop terms… Read More
When to Replace a Laptop Battery
The most obvious sign that it's time to replace your laptop battery is if your battery is completely drained and unable to hold any charge. Learn more about other signs it is time to replace your laptop battery by viewing our "When to Replace a Laptop Battery" article... Read More AtBatt Battery
How to Calibrate your Laptop Battery
Calibrate Battery When it comes to laptops, calibrating the battery becomes necessary when the gauge that shows how much battery life remains no longer reflects a correct measurement. Learn how to calibrate your battery by reading our article "How to Calibrate your Laptop Battery"... Read More
Why Recycle Laptop Batteries
In this article "Why Recycle Laptop Batteries," we’ve answered three very important questions that exist when it comes to the recycling of batteries. Before throwing your used laptop battery in the trash, please go to this article... Read More Why Recycle
Maximum Shelf Life for your Laptop Battery
Shelf Life Learn more about the shelf life of laptop batteries and how to go about maintaining them by reading our "Maximum Shelf Life for your Laptop Battery" article... Read More
How to Choose a Laptop Battery
With so many battery options available for your laptop, it may become a rather daunting task trying to find the right one. Learn more about standard and extended batteries in this article "How to Choose a Laptop Battery"... Read More Side by Side