Laptop Battery Buyer's Guide

While the majority of laptop batteries are similar in appearance, there's a lot more than meets the eye when it comes to selecting the correct one. Aside from the fact that most laptop models will use their own specific battery, there are also many different replacement and extended battery options to consider when setting out to purchase a laptop battery. With that in mind, knowing how to identify the type of battery your laptop uses and go about searching and selecting the correct one can be very helpful and actually end up saving you both time and money.

"How to Buy the Correct Laptop Battery"

The majority of laptops will have their model number listed in plain view when you flip open the screen. As you can see in the video, the number of this particular HP model is displayed on the top right corner of the LCD screen frame. If the model number isn't plainly visible, another option is to look at the bottom of your notebook. Almost every laptop has a manufacturer's label on the bottom of the computer, which will typically have the brand, model and serial number on it.

Once you have the model number of your laptop, go to’s laptop battery configuration tool and click on your laptop brand. There, you can either type the model number or battery part number in the assist search box or select the model from the listing in the second column. If you are using the original battery part number, use the 3rd drop down to find your specific part number.

Once you've select your laptop model, you will be taken to a page that lists all of the compatible batteries that are available for you to choose from. In the example below we've selected the HP Pavilion DV1000, for which we offer 5 different laptop batteries. In many instances, we will offer both standard capacity and high performance capacity batteries using different cell manufacturers and cell counts. In this case, we offer two 6 cell batteries and two 12-cell batteries.

Based on your budget and performance criteria, you can select any of the batteries that have been cross-referenced for your particular model. The extended batteries will often give you twice the battery run-time, which is typically a welcome benefit for most. However, please be mindful that the extended batteries will be larger in size and often protrude from either the rear or the bottom of the notebook.

With so many different types of batteries available, identifying and finding the right one for your laptop can seem like a daunting task. However, believes it doesn't have to be. As demonstrated in this video, we made purchasing a correct battery for your laptop a very simple process.