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AtBatt How to GuideWelcome to our centralized How to Guides page. Here you will find guides for Car, Laptop, Motorcycle, Lead Acid, Home Alarm and RV Batteries. Our goal is to arm you with knowledge so you can get the most out of your battery and device. Also visit our main FAQ page for additional resources. is here to help. If you cannot find the answer to your questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact our friendly Customer Service staff.

Car Battery How to Guides

Car Won't Start   How to extend your car battery life; boost charging a dead car battery and how to test a car battery are just a few of the guides available on our Car Battery How to Guides page. Find the information you need to optimize your car battery performance… Read More

Laptop Battery How to Guides

Laptops have become an essential part of most of our lives. Keeping them powered is just the tip of the iceberg. Find out how to choose the right laptop battery, calibrate your laptop battery, test your laptop adapter and much more on our Laptop Battery How to Guides page…Read More   Laptop Charging

Motorcycle Battery How to Guides

Battery Town - Arcenio   Maintaining your Motorcycle battery is an essential part of owning a bike. When it comes time to ride, you don’t want to be held back because of a dead battery. Read our Motorcycle How to Guides page for cleaning corroded terminals, filling a battery, charging and maintaining your battery plus more… Read More

Sealed Lead Acid Battery How to Guides

You can find Sealed Lead Acid Batteries in your UPS backup, home alarm systems, medical equipment, emergency lighting and so many other essential devices. Keeping them in working order is easy, just follow our Lead Acid How to Guides for details on how to maintain these batteries plus supplementary information... Read More   SLA Battery and APC

How to Replace a Home Alarm Battery Guide

Amstron Home Alarm Battery   It is not every day you have to change your home alarm battery; so when you need to, you may be there scratching your head. Let us walk you through the process of changing your battery for a new one in our How to Change a Home Alarm Battery guide… Read More

RV How to Guides

You do not want to drain your starter battery when running appliances on your camping trip. A great battery system is essential. Let us guide you through How to Convert a 12v Battery into a Multi-Bank System and How to Conver a 6v Battery into a Multi-Bank System… Read More   RV Trojan Battery