Frequently Asked Questions

Battery Related Questions

What is the difference between NiCad, NiMH and Lithium Ion batteries?
Is it Possible to Upgrade the Device's Battery to a newer Chemistry?
My new battery isn't charging. Is it defective?
How can I maximize the performance of my battery?
What is "Memory Effect"?
What are volts and milliamp-hours (e.g. 10.8V - 4600mAH)?
How long do typical batteries last?
Can I recycle my old battery? How?
How long will my new battery run?
What is a "smart" and "dumb" Battery?
The Do's and Don'ts of Battery Use
Does AtBatt.com ship to APOs/FPOs?
My replacement battery is not charging correctly, do I need a BIOS upgrade?
What is a Zinc battery?
What is the Difference between a SLA, VLRA and AGM batteries?

Company Related Questions

Who is AtBatt.com and what exactly do yo do?
Does AtBatt.com have a Privacy Policy?
Does AtBatt.com offer any reseller program?
Where can I find your Tax Payer ID, DUNNS Number and other information for my procurement needs?
What is AtBatt.com's toll free number?
Who do I send emails to at your company?
What is your mailing address?

Payment Related Questions

What payment options are available for my order?
What payment currency does AtBatt.com accept?
Does AtBatt.com collect sales tax?
Do I qualify for Tax-Exempt status?
Do I receive an Order Receipt/Invoice?

Ordering Related Questions

How do I know if the product is in stock?
When will my product ship?
Can I make changes to my order?
When does my order need to in by to be shipped the same day?
Does AtBatt.com take international orders?
Will there be fees due upon delivery of international orders?
Can I cancel an order that I've already made?

Shipping Related Questions

How long does it take for me to receive my products?
Can I track my shipment?
Does AtBatt.com ship to international addresses?
What is AtBatt.com's return policy?
How do I return a product?
What type of shipping methods are available?
How much does it cost to ship the products that I want?

Account Related Questions

How do I create an account?
Can I change my account information?
Can I change my e-mail address?
How do I Add or Remove my e-mail from AtBatt.com's email subscription?

Power Tools

If my original power tool battery is an NiCD battery, can I use a different chemistry battery?
Can I recharge an old power tool battery after it seems to have stopped taking a charge?
How long will my power tool last with a fresh charge?
How can I prolong the life of my battery?

Camcorder Batteries

What can I do with my camcorder battery after it has stopped working?
Is it better for me to purchase an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) battery or an aftermarket battery?

Digital Camera Batteries

Should I buy additional batteries for my digital camera?
Can I use an external battery with my digital camera?

Li-Ion FAQ

What is a li-ion battery?

High Capacity UPS Battery

Why does AtBatt offer 2 different replacement batteries for your UPS?

Dell Laptop Battery

Why is it that Amstron batteries have a higher capacity than OEM batteries, when they both have the same number of cells?

Home Alarm Battery

How to change a Home Security System Back-Up Battery?
Can I substitute a lower Amp Hour (Ah) battery with a higher one?

Emergency Lighting Battery

Can I store my Sealed Lead Acid battery?
Can I substitute a lower Amp Hour (Ah) battery with a higher one?