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AtBatt FAQFind answers to your questions by reading our FAQ pages. We have listed our most common questions on our general FAQ page. For category specific questions, we have also created FAQs for specific batteries, chargers, and more. If you still cannot find the answer to your question, please feel free to contact our friendly Customer Service department.

General FAQs

AtBatt Headquarters  

Find most commonly asked questions about, shipping, return policy and much more on our centralized FAQ page... Read More

Camcorder Battery FAQ

Find tips for prolonging your camcorder battery life, OEM batteries vs. batteries and more on our Camcorder FAQ page... Read More   Camcorder FAQ

Car Battery FAQ

Open Car Hood   Warning signs of a dying battery, date code, cold cranks amps, how to get the most out of your car battery and other information can be found on our Car Battery FAQ page… Read More

Cell Phone Battery FAQ

Find information on charging your new cell phone battery, maintaining your battery and tips on conserving battery power through our Cell Phone Battery FAQ page… Read More   AtBatt External Battery

Cordless Phone Battery FAQ

Cordless Phone Battery   Is your battery not holding a charge? Need help finding the right battery? Find answers to these questions and tips for a longer battery life on our Cordless Phone Battery FAQ page… Read More

Digital Camera Battery FAQ

Need to know if your OEM products will work with replacements? Find the answer, information how to conserve battery power and more on our Digital Camera FAQ page…Read More   Digital Camera

Q&A Forum

Forum   We try and make battery related information easily attainable. If our FAQ and How To pages are not enough; read, click, ask and get answers on our Question and Answers Forum… Read More

Laptop Battery FAQ

We have an extensive list of resources for laptop batteries. Browse through our main Laptop Battery FAQ page for information on charging and maintaining your battery, how to find your laptop model, battery anatomy and much more… Read More   AtBatt Laptop Batteries

Motorcycle Battery FAQ

Motorcycle Rider   Maintaining your Motorcycle Battery doesn’t have to be a chore. Find our helpful guides and get answers to questions like how to charge lithium iron phosphate batteries or fill and charging your motorcycle battery… Read More

Power Tool Battery FAQ

Need to know approximately how long your power tool battery is going to last or if you can switch the chemistry from NiCD to NiMH (or vice-versa)? Find the answers to these questions and more through our Power Tool Battery FAQ and Buyers Guide pages… Read More   Power Tool Battery

Sealed Lead Acid Battery FAQ

SLA Battery   Learn how to charge and maintain your Sealed Lead Acid Battery, connect the batteries in series or parallel, how to recycle these types of batteries and much more on our Lead Acid FAQ page. Here you will also find how to guides and other resources… Read More