Digital Camera Battery FAQ

AtBatt CameraWhether you are a beginner or professional photographer, you will find the battery that fits your needs with AtBatt. Compact and long-lasting, our batteries are essential accessories for digital camera users. On the go? Keep a spare digital camera battery in your bag so you capture every precious moment of your life. The following will answer any questions you may have about our batteries.

Will my Original Charger Work with AtBatt Batteries?'s digital camera batteries will work with your original charger. Our digital camera batteries are made with high quality cells and are programmed with the same chip set as your original digital camera battery. Also, if you are looking to replace your charger, our digital camera chargers are designed to work with your OEM battery.

Should I Buy an Additional Digital Camera Battery?

Extra Digital Camera BatteryDetermine your usage and how accessible you are to an electrical outlet. If you are planning a trip where you may not have easy access to electricity, you may want to consider having an additional battery. Or if you are you going to an event where you will be snapping a lot of pictures, and do not have time to stop and charge a battery, an additional battery will make it easier for you. The advantage of having an additional battery handy is the peace of mind knowing you will not miss out on a special moment because your battery died.

What type of warranty do you offer?

We provide up to a four year warranty on select digital camera batteries. We know our batteries will stand the test of time. Call us today to start powering your memories.

Tips on Conserving Battery Power

      • Dim the brightness on the LCD screen or turn it off when possible. The LCD display screen consumes a lot of battery power. A dimmer display will extend the length the battery stays charged.
      • Make sure the power saver is set to a lowest time possible on your digital camera. It will put the digital camera in “sleep” mode without turning it off completely. It will “wake up” once you select the shutter button.
      • Zooming too often drains the digital camera battery quickly. The mechanism that moves the lens depletes the battery.
      • Deleting images from your battery also consumes battery power. If possible, wait until you upload the images to a computer before deleting.