Cordless Phone Battery Questions

Cordless Phone Battery

Most of the cordless phone batteries available are rechargeable, portable and are designed to work with various models of cordless phones. Depending on usage and conditions most cordless phone batteries last approximately 500-800 cycles. A charge cycle is discharging and recharging a battery. When it comes time to replace your cordless phone battery select a replacement based on your battery or phone part numbers. This article will provide you with helpful tips for a successful battery life.

Cordless Phone Battery Not Holding a Charge

If your cordless phone battery pack is having trouble holding a charge, you may want to try cycling the battery. You can cycle your cordless phone battery by using your phone till the battery is low or completely dead. Then allow your battery to fully charge without use. This should refresh your battery. You should also note that using headset as a speakerphone will reduce your talk time as it uses more battery power.

Finding the Correct Battery

With the vast number of cordless phone models available today, there are hundreds of battery replacements. This can become confusing when trying to find the battery you need. When browsing for a replacement, be sure to have your complete battery part number and complete phone model. This is especially important to have as you might end up buying a replacement that is not compatible.

New Battery Fully Charged After 10-15 Minutes

When charging your cordless phone battery for the first time, the charging cradle may indicate that charging is complete after just 10 to 15 minutes. This is normal with rechargeable batteries, especially if it is a brand new battery. New batteries are more difficult to charge because they haven't been broken in, meaning they haven't been charged before. You need to use the phone until the handset indicates a low battery, then charge once again until charging is complete. We recommend you repeat this process three to four times.

Phone Charger is not Charging the New Battery

In the event that your cordless phone charger stops charging the battery before it is fully charged, remove the battery from the phone and reinsert it. This will often reset the charge cycle for new batteries and it will begin charging again. You may have to repeat this several times during the first battery charge.

Tips for a Long Lasting Cordless Phone Battery

Keep your battery healthy by completely discharging it. Fully discharging and then fully recharging it about twice a month. Li-Ion batteries do not benefit from this practice since they do not suffer from the memory effect.

Cordless Phone Contacts 
Clean your battery contacts from time to time with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol, which helps maintain a clean connection between the battery and the charger.

Never leave the battery unused for extended periods of time. If the phone will not be used for at least 30 days, remove the battery and store in a dry cool place. It's wise to use the battery at least twice a month. If a battery goes unused for a long time, try a deep discharge it to bring back its youthful strength.