Zinc Chloride/Carbon (Heavy duty)

AtBatt.com carries a wide selection of Zinc Chloride/Carbon (Heavy duty) batteries. Zinc Chloride and Zinc Carbon batteries are generally known as Heavy Duty or Industrial Batteries. They combine low cost and long shelf life with dry cell construction to give you an economic solution for your power needs. These batteries are great for lanterns, flashlights, smoke detectors and more. Browse from our selection below. Feel free to Contact Us for assistance if you are unable to locate the battery you are looking for.

Is it a problem to mix batteries of different chemistries, brands or ages?

Mixing battery chemistries or ages in a device is not recommended. This practice can significantly increase the possibility for leakage and reduce the performance of the device. It is best to replace all of the batteries in the device with new batteries of the same chemistry and age. If you are ever unsure what type of battery your device requires, refer to your devices user manual.

How do I store carbon zinc batteries?

To maximize performance and shelf life, it is recommended to store the batteries at room temperature. Do not stick the batteries in the refrigerator or in extremely hot area.

Can carbon zinc batteries be charged in a NiMH or NiCd battery charger?

Standard carbon zinc batteries are not designed to be recharged. Do not attempt to charge or place a standard carbon zinc battery in any charger.