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Find a Conventional (Wet Cell) battery by top manufacturers for your vehicle, golf cart/caddy, powersports, sweeper/scrubber and other devices. Shop our vast inventory of Yuasa, Adventure Power, Interstate, Trojan and many more top brand conventional batteries below and pick the best battery to suit your needs. offers you high quality, high value products you can trust from leading manufacturers.

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Quick Conventional (Wet Cell) Battery FAQ

How do I extend the battery life for a wet cell?

Avoid heat; i.e. storing the battery in a shed or non-ventilated area. Heat dries out the battery and discharges it faster
Keep battery top clean, dry free of corrosion and free of dirt.
Avoid continual prolonged use of the battery (deep discharging)
Do not store the battery at a discharged state.
Avoid overcharging the battery. Keep the battery on a float charge in between uses. If you are planning on storing the battery for a long period of time, fully recharge the battery monthly and check the fluid levels if necessary. Always keep the acid level between Lower and upper lines on front side of the container (for conventional type batteries).

Why did my battery fail after installation?

If a new battery fails after a few days or weeks after installation, it could be do to these reasons;

A faulty charging system. Check your battery charger for defects.
A short circuit in the electrical system.
Battery terminals are dirty or not properly connected.
Excessive ignition off drains or high parasitic drains.
Electrical capacity of the battery is insufficient for size of the vehicle.
The battery has been inadequately activated, dissipating its strength from the outset.
If the battery has sat for too long without a charge after being filled with acid, the battery has become sulfated.

How do I activate a battery?

Please visit our tutorial on how to Fill and Charge a Motorcycle Battery. This article has a video along with step by step instructions.