Solar Battery Charger

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How to use the iMOB Solar Charger

The NOCO iMob solar battery chargers convert light from the sun into 12 volt DC electricity, which is then transported to a rechargeable batteries through the lead wire connector.

How to use the iMOB

Step 1. Face the front (black) side of the solar panel to the sun and make sure there is no shadow cast on the solar panel. It is best to place the long side of the panel at a South to North direction.

Step 2. - Tilt the iMob at a suitable angle. This should be a right angle and be similar to your local latitude.

Step 3. - Plug in the LED connector. The light should turn on verifying that the solar panel is generating electricity. Then disconnect connector and proceed with remainder of installation.

Step 4. - If permanent installation is required, use stainless steel screws for mounting.

Step 5. - If you need to dissipate heat from the unit, use a heat resistant spacer between panel and the surface.

Step 6. - This iMob comes with several different connectors. Choose the connector that fits your application. When using the battery clamps, make sure that you connect to the correct battery terminal. The black clamp indicates negative (-) and should be clamped on the negative terminal. The red clamp should be clamped on the positive (+) terminal. For cigarette lighter plug applications, push the plug into the female cigarette lighter socket and make sure that both ends are secure.

Easily connect up to four (4) iMob solar panels for more power using 4 in 1 connector (ISCC2) and Charge Controller (ISCC1)