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Marine Battery Charger

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We carry on-board marine battery chargers which offers superior performance and rugged construction. Be assured that all our marine battery chargers are fully-sealed with a waterproof housing; and can be mounted directly onto a variety of applications including boats, tractors and a wide range of equipment.
Marine Battery Charger
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NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 12 to 36 Volt 3 Bank On-Board Battery Charger NOCO Genius GEN3 30 Amp 12 to 36 Volt 3 Bank On-Board Battery Charger
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SRP: $475.85
    12-36V - 30A
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  • 3 Year Warranty
  • $258.95
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    About Noco Genius On-Board Marine Battery Chargers

    The Noco Genius Gen series marine battery chargers are a smart, 8-step, fully automatic switch-mode battery charger. Their smart charging process allows them to charge marine batteries faster and restore them to their original capacity.

    HF/HE On-Board Marine Chargers Features:
  • Charge and maintain marine batteries from 25-230Ah
  • Compact lightweight design, easy to install and fit into tight locations
  • Safety features* Include: Reverse Polarity, Short-Circuit, Open-Circuit, Over-Temperature, Over-Charging, Spark Proof and Ignition Protection
    *Meets ISO 8846 Marine Standards and US Coast Guard 33 CFR 183.410 and FCC 15 Part A&B complaint.
  • Advanced 8-Step Charger:The NOCO Genius is an 8-step, fully automatic, switch mode battery charger with a proprietary charge algorithm, which automatically diagnoses the condition of your battery charges when needed, recovers your battery to its original capacity and maintains your battery when not in use.
  • 90% Energy Efficient (HF/HE): Our High-Frequency, High-Efficiency (HF/HE) Battery Chargers are 90% efficient. Why is that important? Because the higher the efficiency, the lower the power loss, which means a smaller and more versatile charger that requires less space and energy.
  • Rapid Charging Technology (RCT): Each NOCO Genius charger comes with Rapid Charging Technology (RCT) programmed inside. Our smart microprocessor and advanced high-frequency design charges batteries 2X faster than traditional linear marine battery chargers. Faster charging means less time recharging your batteries and more time on your boat.
  • Variable Input Compensated (VIC): Rarely are AC line voltages at 120 VAC. Whether you are at a motel, a dock, or even using a long extension cord, AC line voltages will vary. With Variable Input Compensation, the NOCO Genius Charger always delivers a 100% charge to your batteries. Without Variable Input Compensation, other battery chargers lose power and under-charge your batteries, or not at all. Some chargers, when the VAC is above 120, will over-charge your batteries and cause permanent damage. Rest assured, our chargers automatically adjust to varying AC line voltages. Now that's smart!

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