Marine Battery Chargers

Marine Battery Charger

We carry on-board marine battery chargers which offers superior performance and rugged construction. Be assured that all our marine battery chargers are fully-sealed with a waterproof housing; and can be mounted directly onto a variety of applications including boats, tractors and a wide range of equipment.

Choosing the Right Marine Battery

The battery is the heart, the life force of your boat or yacht. Choosing the proper marine battery is important so you don’t end up stranded in open water. AtBatt carries a large selection of marine batteries from the top brands like Interstate, Odyssey, Optima and US Battery. If you are having trouble starting up or you are making more frequent charges, then it is time for a new marine battery. But what battery should you chose: Starting, Deep Cycle or Dual Purpose?

Starting Marine Batteries - Provide basic power. Perfect for those who are just taking their boat on the water to lounge or to fish.
Dual Purpose Marine Batteries - power both starting and trolling motors.
Deep Cycle Marine Batteries - Power both starting and trolling motors. These batteries are constructed to use up most of their power. So it is recommended to find a proper marine battery charger to fully recharge it.

Why Choose a Sealed AGM Battery

Sealed AGM marine batteries are a green alternative and are built to last longer than standard boat batteries. These types of batteries are sealed tightly to keep electrolyte from leaking. Though they can be more expensive, AGM marine batteries are a great long term solution, saving you more money in the long run since it won’t be replaced quicker than standard lead acid batteries.