Consumer Battery Chargers - AA, AAA, C, D

Find all your battery charging solutions here at, the authority on batteries and chargers. We have the latest AA and AAA chargers including USB powered chargers and chargers with pre-charged ready to use batteries. Choose from name brands like Duracell, Energizer, and Sanyo. Find the charger you need for your rechargeable batteries from the list below.

How long does it take to recharge a battery?

Rechargeable batteries like NiMH AA and AAA batteries can be recharged using a battery charger. There are chargers that can take as long as 12 hours to as little as 15 minutes to recharge your batteries.

What kind of chemistries can be recharged?

Most chargers can charge various chemistries like NiMH, NiCD and some Lithium.

Is it normal for the batteries to become warm while charging?

Yes; it is normal for both the battery and charger to be warm to touch while charging. If the batteries or charger become too hot to touch, you will want to disconnect the charger and remove the batteries. This may be an indication the batteries are no longer functional or the charger is damaged.

Why use a rechargeable batteries?

Using a high drain device like digital cameras require you to replace the battery more often than before. It can become costly if you are constantly purchasing non-rechargeable batteries for your high drain devices.

Make your selection based on your usage patterns. If your device is low drain and do not require long-lasting power, an alkaline battery may be the perfect choice. If your device is high drain and requires a lot of power you may want to consider a rechargeable battery.