How to Test a Car Battery

This video demonstrates a simple car battery test that is performed by battery professionals. The testing unit used is Intestate Batteries ED-18 Early Detection Analyzer.

Video Transcript:

In this video, Arcenio with Batterytown shows us how car batteries are tested by professionals.

Ok so we have here an Odyssey battery. It should be at about 12.5 Volts. The cranking amps on this is about 880. So we’ll go ahead and test this. The two main things that you’re looking for when your testing a car battery is the voltage and the cold cranking amps. This is an Interstate Battery tester. We actually use this to test the car batteries that come into the store. Basically you just perform a quick test. The analyzer just asks you basic information what type of battery it is and the CCA cold cranking amps where it should be at.

This one is rated at 880 so we’ll go ahead and test it at that. The temperature of the store is pretty warm. Takes a few seconds. And the result, the battery is testing good. It’s at about 12.56V and 1252 cold cranking amps (CCA) and the battery is in great condition.

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