Car Battery : How to Guides

Jump starting a batteryVroom! Vroom! Is what you want to hear instead of the dreadful clicking noise or silence when you turn the key due to a dead car battery. Check your battery terminal cables and make sure they are connected. Remove any corrosion and try to start your car again. Learn more about Car Batteries with our helpful How to Guides. Below you will find more information on how to tell if your car battery is dead, how to extend the life of your battery and more. Also navigate through our left hand menu for additional information on Car Batteries.

How Can I Tell if My Car Battery Dead?

Dead Car Battery   There are many reasons why your car battery could be dead. In this short article we explore several things to consider when asking the question "Why is my car battery dead?" For an extensive article about extending your car battery life you should read our article How to extend your car battery life... Read More

How to Extend Your Car Battery Life

Car batteries have a calendar life meaning at one point whether you use them or not, you will need to replace them. This article provides you with valuable knowledge about car batteries along with some quick tips and more extensive guides to extend your car battery life... Read More   battery chart

How to Boost Charge a Dead Car Battery

Reviving a dead car battery   The above video shows a unique method to boost charge a dead car battery and revive it when the voltage has dropped too low for normal 12v battery chargers to recognize it. Video Transcript: Here we have a relatively brand new car battery, less than 1 year old. It should still be capable of starting... Read More

How to Charge a Car Battery

Video Transcript: In this video we demonstrate how to charge a car battery with the Noco Genius G26000 wicked smart car battery Charger. So what do we have here? Alright so this is a Noco Genius charger model G26000. We actually use these to charge car batteries. It actually charges at a 26A Amp. hour... Read More   How to Charge a Car Battery

How to Test a Car Battery

How to Test a Car Battery   This video demonstrates a simple car battery test that is performed by battery professionals. The testing unit used is Intestate Batteries ED-18 Early Detection Analyzer. Video Transcript: In this video, Arcenio with Batterytown shows us how car batteries are tested by professionals. Ok so we have here an Odyssey battery. It should be at about... Read More

How to Jump Start a Car with Jumper Cables

Most of us have been in the situation where you left lights on in your car or you let the car sit for too long and realize next time you try starting your car the battery is dead. It usually happens around the worst timing such as you are late for an appointment or something... Read More   Car Battery