Camcorder Battery FAQ

AtBatt Camcorder BatteryIf you find yourself needing to replace an aging camcorder battery, or maybe looking to have an extra one on hand, AtBatt has you covered. Find a battery that fits your needs, whether you are looking for a spare battery for a special event or you are a professional, we have a wide selection of camcorder batteries at affordable prices. You do not want to miss out on that prize shot because your battery died. Battery care is a necessary part of the upkeep of your camcorder. Before selecting a camcorder battery this page will help you along with your selection.

AtBatt Camcorder Batteries and OEM Chargers

When purchasing a new camcorder battery, it is not necessary to purchase a new charger, unless you need to of course. Our line of camcorder batteries will work with your original charger. Our camcorder batteries are made with same battery cells and have been programmed with the same chip set as your original camcorder battery.

Original Camcorder Battery vs. AtBatt Battery

Some people prefer to stick with the OEM battery because they feel safer with it. You can feel at ease purchasing our camcorder batteries. We stand by our camcorder batteries by offering a superior four year warranty, more than most OEM manufacturers. You will also find our camcorder batteries are less expensive than the OEM version and in a lot of cases have a higher capacity. Before purchasing do your research and make sure that you evaluate your needs before making this decision.

Life of a Camcorder Battery

As with any rechargeable battery, over time you eventually lose “juice” or “run time” until the battery dies. Since the use and power requirements vary so greatly between camcorders, there is no exact time frame on how long your battery will last. In general, a rechargeable battery should last between 600-1000 cycles. Again, this is a generalization as this depends on how a battery is used, charged, stored and other environmental factors.

Tips on Extending Camcorder Battery Life

      • Avoid overcharging the battery. Overcharging batteries can actually make them less effective over time and lessen their ability to hold a charge. Once your charger indicated the camcorder battery is fully charged, remove it from the charger.
      • Check your camcorder manufacturer's recommendations on charging the battery. Many camcorders come with instructions on charging and maintaining your battery.
      • When possible avoid extreme temperatures. Exposure to heat or extreme cold can minimize battery life. If it is not possible, try and protect the battery from the elements the best you can to avoid prolonged exposure.
      • Remove the battery from the camcorder when it is not in use. It is also best to store a battery with a full charge. Store the battery at room temperature away from heat or cold sources.

Cleaning Camcorder Battery Contacts

      • Remove the battery from the camcorder.
      • Dip a cotton swap into rubbing alcohol. Simply wet the cotton swap, do not dampen the swap so it is dripping.
      • Gently rub the swap on the contacts of the battery. If necessary also clean the camcorder battery compartment.
      • Wipe down the battery and battery compartment with a dry clean cloth.
      • Allow the battery and compartment to air dry before putting it back together.