Want Your Laptop Battery to Last Longer

Charging LaptopWant to get the most out of your laptop battery? Your AC adapter is used to recharge your battery but what happens in time between charging cycles? What can be done to maximize your battery life? Here are some tricks to help take charge (excuse the pun) of your laptop battery.

When you receive your new battery it will come with a partial charge. You should completely charge the battery before use. You may need to “condition” your battery a few times. This means cycle the battery by charging and discharging, do not discharge completely on the initial use – approximately 20% is sufficient. It may take a few cycles for your battery gage to accurately read the percentage of charge left.

Use your laptops power options to maximize your computer’s performance or conserve energy. Choose a power plan; a power plan is a collection of hardware and system settings that control how your laptop manages power. Depending on your computer manufacturer or windows system you might have additional power plans. You may also be able to create your own custom power saver plans based on your usage. Windows 7 has two default plans:

  • Balanced: Offers full performance and display brightness when you need it, but conserves power when the computer is idle.
  • Power saver: The best choice for extending battery life. However this option slows performance and lowers display brightness.

High performance is also available. This is not recommended if you are looking to save battery power. This option maximizes screen brightness and may increase the computer's performance; however it uses a lot more energy and will reduce the amount of time that a laptop battery lasts between charges.

Power OptionsYou may find your power settings by clicking on the battery icon; usually found in the bottom right corner by the time. Step 1. Click on the battery icon - Step 2. Click on "more power options." Or you can find this by clicking on the Start menu > Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Power Options; please note depending on your operating system or manufacturer these steps may vary.


For more information on laptop battery tips please visit our Laptop Battery: Resources page. Here you will find more information on when to replace a laptop battery, how to locate your brand and model, how to get more run time, how to choose a laptop battery and much more. If you still cannot find the answers you are looking for we are here to guide you. Please contact our Customer Service department for further assistance.