Sony InfoLITHIUM Compatibility Issues

InfoLITHIUM BatteryDid you find out about InfoLITHIUM is the hard way? You have our deep condolences, but you're definitely not the only one who has tried using an aftermarket battery with an InfoLITHIUM device.

What is InfoLITHIUM technology? Simply put, it is a technology that allows a battery to communicate with its device to better regulate its charging and power usage. But, imbedded in this technology is a “lock” which will normally prevent non-InfoLITHIUM batteries from charging in the device. This usually means that you will need to charge the aftermarket battery in an aftermarket charger first and then use it with your device. Or in the worse case, the InfoLITHIUM device will not work at all with your aftermarket battery. Those of you who have seen the dreaded BSD (Blue screen of Death) on your camera screen knows exactly what I mean.

Sony Info-Lithium

While most aftermarket batteries are updated with the latest software to be compatible with the InfoLITHIUM technology as to allow the aftermarket battery to work with the device, Sony constantly updates their hardware and software with every new model released making those aftermarket batteries made before the changes sometimes unusable with the newer devices until new updates can be made at the aftermarket factory. On occasion, the InfoLITHIUM battery maybe too complex to duplicate for the aftermarket battery company in a timely manner thus you get the problem of buying an aftermarket battery that does not work on your brand new device.

While a problem for the most part, large aftermarket manufacturers like Amstron Power Solutions will promptly put out 100% compatible batteries as well as batteries that have larger capacities to give you more choices when buying for your particular device. These batteries will be just as good or better than the OEMs but at a significantly lower price.

As a consumer, it is up to you to decide on if you will go to the often more expensive choice of an OEM battery over a less expensive aftermarket battery or risk having the aftermarket battery not being compatible with the device. As a rule, aftermarket companies that have been around for awhile will give you the best bet for compatibility and price.