Customizing Your Battery Life: Apple’s Smart Power Management Patent

“Different strokes for different folks”

That timeless saying is quite honestly the best way to sum up the millions of different ways and reasons that people use their laptops. And while a continued advance in laptop power management allows users to customize and extend their machine’s battery life better than ever before, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Enter tech-giant Apple….

Smart Battery Management

One of Apple’s latest patents illustrates future methods for battery consumption through the smart power management of devices. To put it simply, smart power management means that the amount of power needed for a laptop user’s particular activity will be automatically measured against the available battery power. If it looks like changes need to be made to make certain that the battery life is sufficient for the chosen activity, the user can then be notified and action can be taken to ensure that the user will have the maximum amount of run-time possible.

So whether you choose to use your laptop to watch Seinfeld episodes online or type up your next history paper, this new smart power management technology by Apple will see to it that you have plenty of battery life either way.

(via January 7, 2011)