Battery Hacks

Batteries within Batteries

Perhaps the most shocking battery hack happens when you open up a typical 6v lantern battery. Supposedly inside there are 32 AA batteries connected in series. While from an electrical perspective, 32 AA batteries could be connected to create this voltage; however there is some controversy over whether this hack is real or fake. Some claim that 6v batteries purchased from Walgreens contain this type of power source. Below are two videos showing both sides to the story.

Real Fake

Batteries within Batteries Continued - 9v Battery Hack

Many people would be surprised to see that there are actually 6 AAAA batteries within a 9v battery. Because all “A” batteries are actually 1.5v, you can often interchange them for each other (if you can get them to fit). So, in a pinch, you can easily hack a 9 volt and utilize the AAAA in your AAA device.  

Batteries within Batteries Continued - 12v Battery Hack


Another amazing hack can be found when you take apart a small 12v battery. Inside are 6 button cell batteries that are typically sold separately for much more money. What an amazing find.

USB Battery Hack

Many, many devices run off of and can be charged by the 5 volts provided by a USB connection. If you don’t happen to have a computer around to charge one of such devices, you can create a USB battery charger that runs off a 9 volt battery. It should work fine with any low power mobile device, and gives you plenty of power for over an hour. For instructions and more information please visit How-to Make a ‘USB Battery’ on Hack a Day.   USB Battery Hack

Laptop Battery Hack

  If you don't want to shell out $100 bucks for a new lithium ion battery for your laptop? It turns out that many Lithium Ion laptop batteries are simply battery packs that hold previously manufactured round 18650 rechargeable Li Ion batteries. By opening up your laptop battery, you’ll find lithium batteries wired in series, and with a little handiwork and effort, it can be replaced. We highly recommend you don't this.

Hack the Planet

Make a battery from Earth. Surprisingly, you can draw a certain amount of current from the Earth.  By embedding two copper rods in the ground, you can create positive and negative terminals that produce enough voltage to power small LED’s.  Someone should try creating a grid of these and see if they can power something more substantial.     

DIY Plasma Gun with a 12V Battery


A bank of capacitors is used in conjunction with a twelve volt battery found in a hand drill to produce an awesome mini-tesla coil gun, capable of producing current that can arc 5-10cm. The device can be used to create interesting lighting effects, or even to induce power in certain objects (such as a florescent light bulb). Further applications are possible, including wireless energy transference.

Disposable Camera & Battery into Homemade Taser

Obviously, this type of taser would not be nearly as powerful as any commercially bought taser. By simply bypassing the output of the capacitor in the camera, you can create a pretty substantial shock. Furthermore, it is possible to connect the capacitors in series and increase greatly the output. It’s quite scary they allow these things on planes.


Linux Battery Load Monitor

  This awesome hack utilizes reactive strips found on some batteries used to tell whether the batteries are dead or not. With the use of some load analyzing software and materials at RadioShack, this hacker molded one of the reactive strips to display the relative load on his Linux PC.

Lithium Polymer Battery - Most Dangerous Battery

The Lithium Polymer Battery has many applications and is considered a technological step forward from more traditional lithium ion batteries. In reality, the Lithium polymer battery must be carefully watched when charging. Overcharging or incorrect charging can lead to disastrous results as this video will show.  

Make Your Hybrid Run on the battery alone

Prius   Hybrid cars in the US are often configured such that they run only on a combination of electricity and gas power. In other countries, however, regulations allow hybrid cars to be run off of electricity alone, and this function comes standard in many hybrid cars. The US versions of these cars can be hacked so the cars run on the battery alone. A step by step tutorial can be found at Source: 2004 Prius EV Button Installation Instructions.