30 Days of Juice for Your Laptop

Samsung SDISamsung has developed a portable power supply that can power a laptop for about a month using a fuel cell system. Although this is relatively new technology, Samsung has been diligently working on it in order to perfect it. As expected, this device is expected to flourish in our hi-tech portable society.

Kim Heon-Soo, VP of Samsung Computer Division, said last December that the company had made a huge step in development and production of commercial grade fuel cells for powering laptops. He said he expected to offer fuel cell products in the next two to three years.

Eight months later, Samsung's SDI division finally demonstrated a prototype, built for its Q30/35/40 line of notebooks. The energy output of this battery is 20W, which fits in line with Q30/35/40 line-up (16.5-20.3W)

Samsung SDI 1The power system is based on Samsung’s DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) technology and boasts a maximum power output of 20W. Samsung Electronics and Samsung SDI have together demonstrated a docking station which contained the fuel cell.

With the high energy storage of the power system, the laptop, at particular power setting and usage pattern, can run for a month at a stretch without requiring a recharge.

Apparently, the fuel cell can also reach an energy density of 650Wh/L, almost four times that of rival products. Another remarkable aspect of the system is its near noiselessness. The system is claimed to be as quiet as a laptop if not a mouse. Plus the fuel cell can be recharged instantly using more fuel.

If you are concerned about the size and weight of this accessory, Samsung has also informed that it is soon going to launch a smaller version of the power system with a capability of powering a laptop for over 15 hours on a 100 cc of fuel. The miniature system will be as small as a paper cup.