Wafer Cells - 2450, 1/10D and 1/6D

Wafer Cell Lithium Batteries provided by AtBatt.com features high energy density, wide temperature ranges, and 25 year operation life. The Wafer Cell Battery is ideal for many extended temperature applications including, medical equipment, industrial type sensors (machinery-mounted sensors, utility metering, and remote sensors), and automotive devices, along with military and aerospace applications. For assistance or for volume pricing please contact our Customer Service Department.

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Types of Tadiran Batteries

The following items are different types of Tadiran batteries, available in Cylindrical and Wafer cells.

iXtra Series: An improved iXtra series for long term high performance.
XOL Series: For EXTREME Long-Term Operation and Memory Backup.
Extended Temperature Series: For Operation at Temperatures; up to 257 °F (125 °C).
Battery Packs (MBU): Assembled with wires and connectors.