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Lantern Batteries

Finding a replacement lantern battery is easy with AtBatt.com. We carry lantern batteries from top manufacturers like Energizer, Duracell, Everready, Rayovac, and more. Don’t be caught in the dark; power your lantern with batteries from AtBatt today!
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Rayovac 12 Volt Lantern Battery - Screw Terminal Rayovac 12 Volt Lantern Battery - Screw Terminal
  • SKU:R12V-926
  • BRAND: Rayovac
SRP: $19.99
    12 V
    Zinc (Heavy Duty)
    In Stock
  • - Warranty
  • $16.19
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    Can I use a lithium battery in my lantern?

    Most battery powered lanterns use alkaline or zinc (heavy duty) batteries. It is not recommended to switch from these chemistries to lithium unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer of the lantern. You may run the chance of damaging your lantern by mismatching the chemistry if it is not under the manufacturer’s recommendations.

    How can I extend the life of an alkaline battery in the cold?

    An alkaline battery loses power quickly in colder temperatures, usually below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. If out in the wilderness in colder climate, when the lantern is not in use during the day, carry the battery under clothing or somewhere warm. When turning in for the night and the lantern is no longer needed, do the same, store the battery in a warm sleeping bag or backpack.

    Same goes for extreme heat. Keep the battery out of direct sunlight.


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