Hearing Aid

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid batteries are standardized in four different sizes and color. Carefully remove the battery from your hearing aid, look at the number printed on top of the battery. Then browse from our selection of hearing aid batteries by brand names like Energizer, Rayovac and UltraLast.

Q. How can I tell what size I need?

A. The hearing aid industry standardized battery sizes and came up with a color coded system to help you remember your battery sizes. On the back of each battery there is a tab that is pulled off to activate the battery. Each color corresponds with a different size. The numbers and colors for each size are standard. Different brands may so other letters before or after the numbers, but those are all arbitrary letters. The most important thing to remember is the color and size: Yellow (size 10), Orange (size 13), Brown (size 312), and Blue (size 675).For your reference, you can view the chart below:


Hearing Aid Battery Chart


Q. What happens when I take the tab off the battery?

A. Mostly hearing aid batteries are made with Zinc Air, which means battery works by mixing Zinc with outside air. So once the tab is taken off, the battery will become active and will stay active. Placing the tab back on the hearing aid batteries will not deactivate them. We recommend keeping the tabs on the battery until you need them. The expected shelf life for hearing aid batteries is approximately three years. After the three year period, the batteries will not perform well.


Q. How long will hearing aid batteries typically last before changing them?

A. Typically, depending on the hearing aid, battery life can range from 5 to 7 days. If you are having shorter battery life, your hearing aid may not be working properly and should be looked at.