D Size Batteries

Many of your common household items are powered by D size batteries like toys, clocks, radios, flashlights and more. Find your single use or rechargeable D battery by selecting the picture or title below. You may also navigate through the menu on the left by selecting the battery technology, brand, chemistry or voltage. We carry alkaline and high capacity rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries from premium brands such as Duracell, Energizer, Rayovac, Varta and more.

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Common Voltage and Chemistry for D Size Battery

Primary batteries

Alkaline - typically 1.5 volt, non-rechargeable
Lithium - 3.6 volt, non-rechargeable

Secondary batteries

NiCD - typically 1.2 volt, rechargeable
NiMH - typically 1.2 volt, rechargeable

Quick Battery FAQs

Can I store D Batteries in my device?

It is not recommended. D Batteries should not be kept in a device that is not in use for long periods of time. If you are planning on not using a device for an extended period, remove the batteries. Store the batteries in a dry, room temperature place, away from extreme heat or cold.

Can I mix different battery types in my device?

No. You run the risk of battery leakage if you mix different battery types in a single device like alkaline, lithium, heavy duty, rechargeable or something else. Use only one battery type.

Same goes with mixing old and new batteries. Replace all of the batteries in the device at the same time.

Should I recycle my dead alkaline batteries?

Yes. Alkaline D Batteries are recycled in the metals industry and to recover steel, zinc, ferromanganese, and other materials. This also includes other types of batteries. Please visit our Battery Recycling page for more information on where to drop off your dead batteries or where you can mail them in.