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CRV3 Battery

AtBatt.com provides a full range of CRV3 batteries for all your high power needs. We offer brands like Panasonic, Ultralast, Energizer and more. CRV3 batteries are used in a variety of devices like cameras, watches, calculators, laptops, and more. Find the battery you need here at AtBatt.com.
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Ultralast - UL-CRV3 - CRV3 Lithium Battery Ultralast - UL-CRV3 - CRV3 Lithium Battery
  • BRAND: UltraLast
SRP: $12.99
    3 V
    In Stock
  • $8.99
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    A CRV3 battery (also know as CR-V3) is used in various electronic appliances, including many digital cameras.  The CRV3 is the shape and size of two side-by-side AA batteries to equal a nominal voltage of 3V. This allows CR-V3 batteries to be used in many cameras and other devices originally designed only for AA batteries.
    An RCR-V3 battery is a rechargeable 3.7 V lithium-ion battery, that can be used in place of a CRV3 battery.  Because both Lithium and Lithium-ion chemistries offer higher energy density than alkaline or NiMH batteries, a CRV3 battery will typically last much longer than a pair of AA batteries.


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