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12 Volt Battery

If a 12V battery is what you need, AtBatt.com has you covered. We offer a wide range of 12 volt batteries and 12 volt battery chargers for just about anything from automobiles, marine, power tools, UPS back-up systems, remote controls and more. You may select from a category below, or by battery size, technology, BCI, brand, or chemistry on the left hand menu. Feel free to contact our friendly customer service department if you need assistance with locating the 12V battery you need.

12 Volt Battery Charger
We offer a full line of chargers that have been tested by independent laboratories. We work with our manufacturers to make sure that chargers and power supplies supplied to us are tested and certified.  See also 12v Car Battery Charger
12 Volt Auto/Car Battery
See our selection of 12v car batteries designed for crank power, deep cycling or dual purpose   We proudly offer Optima and Interstate in our 12v car battery line up.
12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery
Deep cycle lead acid batteries are designed for deep discharge applications.  Our 12V DC batteries have extra think plates for better recovery from a deep discharge.  The deep cycle lead acid batteries ranging from 18Ah to 225Ah.
12V A23 Alkaline Batteries
23A (23AE) 12 volt Alkaline has dimensions of 1.08 inches length and .38 inches width cylinder diameter.  We carry Sanyo, GP, Panasonic A23 Alkaline batteries starting at $1.95.
12 Volt Lead Acid Battery
Search our extensive inventory of 12 vott valve regulated lead acid batteries (AGM VRLA Batteries).  We of 12V AGM Battery

12V Rechargeable Battery Pack
We offer 12 volt batteries packs in the following chemistries. Lead Acid, NiMH, Li-Ion, Li-Polymer, NiCAD.  We offer them in pre-made battery packs in both hard and soft enclosures.  We also offer custom assembled 12 volt rechargeable battery packs.  Call and ask for OEM specialist @ 877-528-2288.

12V Solar Battery
Solar batteries that we stock are AGM Gel Technology designed to withstand extreme temperature environments.  Our AGM Gel lead acid batteries come in either long life back up battery or deep cycle series.
12V Marine Battery
Our 12 volt marine batteries are deep cycle gel cell batteries.  These batteries are filled with Gel Electrolyte to withstand the movement of heavy seas and the deep cycle feature allows for long cycle life to power your electronics, pumps or trolling motors.
12 Volt Battery
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Interstate Mega-Tron II MT-85 Automotive Battery 625 CCA Interstate Mega-Tron II MT-85 Automotive Battery 625 CCA
  • SKU:MT-85
  • BRAND: Interstate
SRP: $129.95
    12 V
    684 Whr
    Conventional (Wet Cell)
    In Stock
  • 60 Months Performance / 24 Months Free Replacement Warranty
  • $109.99
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    If you need help finding a 12 volt battery or have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service department. Thank you for choosing AtBatt.com as your battery, charger and accessory source!


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