Ultralife UBI-2590 (UBBL02) Battery for Military Applications - CLASS 9 HAZMAT

Ultralife UBI-2590 (UBBL02) Battery for Military Applications - CLASS 9 HAZMAT
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Ultralife UBI-2590 (UBBL02) Battery for Military Applications


Ultralife UBI-2590 (UBBL02) battery provided by AtBatt.com is commonly used in Sincgars & ATCS (AN/PRC-104, PRC-119), Falcon (AN/PRC-138, PRC-117), KY-57, MXF430 (V), AN/PSC-5, M22, military communications, portable electronics, robotics, AUVs and UUVs. The UBI-2590 features a lightweight rugged construction, high energy density, wide operating temperature range, and no memory effect.
Replaces Part Numbers: UBBL02, NSN: 6140-01-553-3527
  • Rugged, portable electronics
  • Robotics
  • Military communication devices
  • AUVs and UUVs

    Voltage Range:Two Sections: 14.4 VDC Nominal
    Series Mode: 33.0 VDC max. (20 – 33.0 V range)
    Parallel Mode: 16.5 VDC max. (10 – 16.5 V range)
    Nominal Capacity:Series Mode: 6.8 Ah
    Parallel Mode: 13.6 Ah
    Max. DischargeSeries Mode: 6 A
    Parallel Mode: 12 A
    Max. Pulse:Series Mode: 18 A for 5 seconds
    Discharge:Parallel Mode: 36 A for 5 seconds
    Energy:206 Wh
    Energy Density:143 Wh/kg, 237 Wh/I
    Weight:1440 Grams maximum
    Cycle Life:> 300 cycles @ C/5 to 80% of initial capacity @ 100% depth of discharge
    Memory:No Memory Effect
    Operating Temp.:-32° C to 60° C
    Storage Temp.:-32° C to 60° C
    Self Discharge:< 5 % per Month
    Exterior/Housing:Hard plastic, black (Noryl N190X-701)
    Terminals/Connector:Connector SC-C-179495 (see note 2)
    State of Charge Indicator:LCD Displays, one for each section – absolute capacity based on design capacity
    Safety:Material Safety Datasheet - MSDS041.
    Transportation:Excepted - U.S.; Class 9 - Int''l. See note 1.
    Harmonized Tariff Code:8507.80.00.00
    Charging:Charge each section at 16.60V with a maximum current of 3A for a maximum of 3 hours or until current tapers to 300 mA. Refer also to Safety Guide UBI-5112.
    Note 1:For a complete description of transportation regulations and definitions of the transportation classifications "Excepted" and "Class 9," refer to the Ultralife web site at www.ultralifebatteries.com
    Note 2:Available cable is CA0002

    Compatible Chargers
  • Ultralife CH0002, single battery, commercial
  • Ultralife CH0003, 6-bay ruggedized
  • Ultralife CH0004, 2-bay ruggedized
  • McDowell Research MRC-85; MRC-86

    CLASS 9 HAZMAT - Ground Transport Only. Cannot be shipped by air (Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2nd Day, 3rd Day, or International) due to federal regulations regarding the transport of primary Lithium cells on aircraft.

  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Product N/A
    Weight 3.1700
    Warranty None
    Application N/A
    Connector N/A
    BCI Group Size N/A
    Voltage 15
    Chemistry Li-Ion
    Capacity 7.2Ah
    Capacity Range 5 Ah - 9 Ah
    Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) N/A
    Length 4.43
    Width 2.48
    Height 5
    Hazmat Class 9

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