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Tadiran the world's longest lasting, highest energy cell, and the only battery proven to last 25 years. Tadiran batteries deliver unrivaled performance to today's ever increasingly sophisticated power technologies. Tadiran is Proven in Utility/AMR/AMI, Aerospace, Military, Medicine, Remote monitoring, RFID, and High Temperature Applications. Free of heavy metals, Tadiran Lithium batteries are environmentally friendly.

Shipping and Packing Information

Lithium Battery Shipping Guidelines
United States DOT Lithium Battery Transport Guidelines
Aircraft Lithium Battery Packing Guidelines (Instruction 968)
IATA Guidance Document Transport of Lithium Metal and Lithium Ion Batteries


MSDS Information

MSDS for Standard Lithium Batteries

Standard Lithium Cells

The following items are different types of Tadiran batteries, available in Cylindrical and Wafer cells.

iXtra Series: An improved iXtra series for long term high performance.
XOL Series: For EXTREME Long-Term Operation and Memory Backup.
Extended Temperature Series: For Operation at Temp. up to 257ºF (125ºC).
Battery Packs (MBU): Assembled with wires and connectors.

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