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Energizer - Batteries and Chargers (Authorized Energizer Dealer)

Today's advanced high-tech devices demand powerful batteries. Energizer offers a complete line of high capacity batteries with technologically advanced alkaline, NiMH, and lithium batteries to suit many application and devices in today's market. Energizer also carries a wide range of chargers for their rechargeable batteries so you can reuse your batteries many times over. Get your Energizer brand products from AtBatt.com today.
Energizer offers a complete line of high capacity batteries and technologically advanced rechargeable batteries and battery chargers to fit any lifestyle. You can charge batteries in as quickly as 15 minutes, or even conveniently charge them while driving your car. And when you keep two sets of Energizer Rechargeable batteries, you'll always have power on hand when you need it. Energizer Rechargeable batteries are engineered to work with your most advanced, high-draining devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, hand-held games, portable CD players and MP3 players. And since they're reusable, Energizer Rechargeable batteries work hard for you and the environment.