Battery Tender

Battery Tender by Deltran

Deltran Battery Tender Lead Acid Battery Chargers are one of the most well known and popular chargers out in the market. Microprocessor controlled, durable, and efficient, Deltran Battery Tenders are great for use with flooded, sealed, VRLA, GEL and AGM batteries and on cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, watercraft, and more. Find the right charger for your application from our selection below and scroll down to the bottom of the page to learn more about Deltran Battery Tender chargers and Lead Acid Batteries.

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Why use Deltran Battery Tender Chargers

Battery Tender uses a BTP Microprocessor Technology and quick-connect that will automatically maintains the batteries in all your vehicles; unlike other trickle chargers that can potentially damage your battery.

All Deltran chargers can charge Conventional Flooded and VRLA AGM sealed lead acid batteries. Certain chargers can also charge Gel batteries (Please check the descriptions on the chargers).

How large of a battery can a Deltran Battery Tender charge?
Typically, any sized lead acid battery can be charged by any Battery Tender charger since it is microprocessor controlled, but as a rule of thumb for small sized batteries, make sure your charger is rated no more than 1/3 of the battery's capacity. For example, if your battery is a 5Ah capacity battery, you should use a charger that is no more than 1.7A (5Ah / 3 = 1.67). For larger batteries (30Ah or more), the same 1/3 rule applies, but you should use a charger that is at least 10% of the capacity of the battery, otherwise it may take a while to charge the battery.

How fast can a Battery Tender charge a battery?
How fast you can charge a battery depends on 2 main factors: the capacity of the battery and the charging Amps of the charger. To find the time, just divide the capacity of the battery by the charge rating of the charger. For example, if you are charging a 12V 18Ah battery with a 022-0157-1 which is a 5A charger, you can charge the 18Ah battery in about 4 hours (18Ah / 5A = 3.6 hours).

Something else you may want to consider before selecting a battery charger.
A wide variety of choices are available. Just remember that when you evaluate the cost of a Deltran charger, it's not just the charger that you are paying for. It's the reputation of the company, the unmatched warranty, and the service before and after the sale you are getting. Neither chargers nor batteries are inexpensive. Our experience over the last decade with both individual consumers and large corporate customers has shown us that batteries can last much longer with a good charger. It is not uncommon for individual consumers to double or in some cases even triple their batteries useful life with Deltran Battery Tender Chargers.